Apple Seeds Pilot Program

Help us help you engage your families!

Calling all pioneering teachers! We want your essential insights on OPUS, the Online Parent Understanding System for teachers and families from One Green Apple. Starting now and running  just for a limited time, we're inviting teachers to participate in our free Apple Seeds pilot program with one or two parents from their classrooms.

If you've dreamed of . . .

  • Having faster, more consistent and meaningful communications with parents
  • Helping parents quickly and easily understand their student's progress
  • Better understanding parents' expectations for their student 

. . . then we welcome you to try OPUS! OPUS works with your current systems and grading data so getting started is quick and easy.

Contact us today and try OPUS for free for a limited time.

We'll set up a time to tell you more about OPUS, discuss the details of the Apple Seeds program, and answer questions you have. Plan on 15-30 minutes for this call, scheduled at your convenience. One Green Apple will provide online training to get you started and support you every step of the way.

We know that by working together, we'll be able to help deepen the connection between schools and homes to help students achieve more.







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