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Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School believes that creating a strong partnership between parents and the school helps our students be more successful. To this end, we hope you will test One Green Apple’s mobile platform, OPUS, designed specifically to strengthen the Parent Teacher Partnership.

OPUS will:

  • Alert you to your child's grades and allow you to see how they are achieving anytime, anywhere.

  • Let you communicate directly with your child's teacher in a secure way.

  • Allow us to learn from you more about how your child learns and works at home.

All of this will be done through your smartphone. To learn more about the Parent Teacher Partnership, watch the videos on the thought leadership page of this website.

To begin using OPUS, please complete the form below.

When you agree and hit SUBMIT, you will receive instructions via text message. Mobile numbers are used solely for enrollment purposes and within this application, and will not be shared otherwise. Standard text messaging rates may apply.

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