Richard Binswanger

Chief Academic Officer

I am a parent; I am an educator. I've been a teacher, a coach, a principal. I am still a school board member. And I know our collective future depends on education. I have spent my life in that pursuit, looking for ways to dramatically improve education.

I was trained as a mathematician at Brown University which taught me how to construct imaginative but consistent worlds. I think so much of education should be helping students finding their own imaginative focus and supporting them in using it to build out their own structures. Early in my career, as a teacher and a coach, I found how much more could be done for a student when parents were involved.

In the '80's, with an MS in Computer Science from Villanova, I became an early pioneer in exploring how technology could strengthen learning. I went back to do doctoral level work at the University of Pennsylvania in education before becoming a principal at a school for students who learned differently. It was there that we first tried to build intentional parent/teacher partnerships on a school-wide basis. The culture and structures that we developed led to measurable success with students who had up to that point seen very little of it.

And along this journey, I got to see life from the side of a parent, as my two kids successfully negotiated their learning years. There were certainly bumps along the way, but it was clear that they were better negotiated when my wife and I were in touch with their teachers and administrators. Since then, I have become an entrepreneur, working on a number of education startups, and dabbled as an ed tech investor. I've happily served on a number of education-related boards and have seen a plethora of ways designed to improve our educational systems.

And so, when I came across One Green Apple, I made sure I got involved because there is no other single thing that I have seen that can positively affect so many students in achieving success across the board as Parent Teacher Partnerships.