OPUS: A Platform for Cultivating Family Engagement

With its focus on learning, OPUS℠ is One Green Apple’s family engagement platform that, for the first time, joins student data from school with parent-teacher conversation and insights from home to simplify and strengthen their partnership in support of their students. 

Thought Leadership: The Parent Teacher Partnership

Aren’t we all looking to help students do better in school? Of course! At One Green Apple, we want to advance the dialogue on family engagement by helping to strengthen the parent teacher partnership. Our philosophy is rooted in four core aspects, and we invite you to learn more about them and join the conversation!

  1. Parent Engagement Curve™
  2. Parents as Partners
  3. Trusted Communications
  4. Proper Measurement

About One Green Apple

If you’re a champion for improving student success with meaningful family engagement, we invite you to learn more about the issues, our thought leadership and the solutions we offer.