Kim Jones

Chief Technology Officer

I am very excited to be a member of the One Green Apple executive team.  Although I was blessed to have very involved and caring parents, my activist Mom’s busy career and inability to engage my teachers in two-way communications prevented her from being a consistent and effective advocate for me.   I am excited that One Green Apple gives me the opportunity to change that for current and future generations of students.

I describe myself as a business-solution technologist, entrepreneur and consultant.  I have more than thirty-five years’ experience serving a wide variety of industries before filling the role of Chief Technology Officer for One Green Apple. 

I previously co-founded Visual Risk IQ, a software and services provider to the enterprise- and higher-education markets focused on continuous monitoring and visual analytics. Prior to that I worked extensively as a consultant to PricewaterhouseCoopers for more than twenty years, helping to create solutions to important business challenges of Forture-500 companies that leveraged the core competencies of PwC.  This included leading the positioning, marketing and partner / staff education required to ensure the success of solutions for XML- and XBRL-based reporting and complex data visualization similar to that being employed by One Green Apple.  It was during this project that I met and began working with Joe Fratoni which resulted in my joining the One Green Apple team.

From 2001 through 2002 I served as Chief Technology Officer for a Boston-based startup and subsidiary of Brown Brothers Harriman which was founded to be, and has achieved significant success, as a financial transaction hub for large asset management companies.  Prior to 2001 I was the co-founder of three enterprise-focused software companies in Northern California serving each as CEO and CTO.

I am excited to bring my passion for technology solutions that are elegantly and invisibly powerful to better enabling the critically important partnership between parents and teachers.  I am hopeful that the solutions we are creating will positively touch the lives of one or more of my five grandchildren – that would be the best outcome I could imagine!!